Effects of Heavy Decontaminant Usage on Public Hard Surfaces

With the unsanitary restroom conditions schools and healthcare facilities are facing around the country today, they take action by using harsh chemicals on their tile and hard surfaces. Even when bathroom cleanliness is taken seriously,  more severe issues can arise. In an effort to ensure dangerous germs and bacteria are removed, harsh chemicals can be used to the point of damaging the tile and hard surfaces making them more susceptible to harboring future germs and bacteria.

Taking Harsh Chemicals Seriously

The potential presence of human excrement in bathrooms often compels our cleaning staff to sanitize flooring with harsh chemicals, like bleach, or other decontaminants. But despite the best intentions, this practice can be counterproductive. Long term, a strong chemical disinfectant isn’t always the best solution.

Products that are incompatible with certain types of flooring can not only cause discoloration and fading, but they can also damage the surface itself and leave floors vulnerable to becoming hotbeds for bacteria growth.

Decontaminant Cycle Graphic

Although early damage from harsh chemicals may still be invisible to the naked eye, any slightly pitted or corroded areas invite bacteria to enter and breed. Improper management of dilution ratios and dwell times may also contribute to the damage disinfectants can cause.

Because of this, it is important that custodial staff have access to and are trained on using the proper decontaminants and that damage from time and heavy disinfectant use is resolved.

Help from the Experts

Offer some assistance to your custodial staff with some help from the experts. Tile and hard surface restoration and cleaning will decrease the bacteria growth in your facility’s restrooms. Sealing them with the proper solution will not only prevent new bacteria growth but unsightly discoloration and fading when using harsh chemicals.


Carter Rosenbloom

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