Cleaning and Maintenance: Best Practices for Schools and Universities

Schools and universities can present unique challenges when it comes to employing effective, sustainable maintenance.

Simplifying a Tile and Grout Maintenance Program for Commercial Kitchens

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Hazy Tile Doldrums: Correcting Tile and Grout Efflorescence

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Is it Possible to Regrout?

When installed correctly and properly sealed, a tile and grout floor can last for decades, providing long-term value as.

Methods for Cleaning Tile and Grout Effectively

Cleaning tile and grout surfaces doesn’t have to be an arduous task. In fact, the need for aggressive cleaning is.

Grime in Grout Lines - Why Grout Lines Become Foul First

The use of tile and grout in building has literally been employed for millennia. That’s a pretty strong testament for.

The Green Benefits of Choosing Tile and Grout Restoration Over Replacement

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Planned Tile and Grout Maintenance Programs: How They Help and What to Expect

When facility managers struggle to fit upkeep and repairs into the budget, buying into a tile and grout maintenance.

Understanding the Limits of Custodial Cleaning and How Tile and Grout Professionals Can Help

Tile and grout surfaces, when installed and sealed properly, are fairly low-maintenance – that’s always been a large.