Five Techniques for Keeping Ceramic Tile Looking New


It’s versatile, it’s durable— it’s ceramic tile. 

But after constant wear and tear, keeping ceramic tile looking new can sometimes be a challenge. To keep your tile and hard surfaces looking and smelling great, we’ve got five top tips. 

Prevent Scratches

Ceramic tile, even though it’s very strong, can be scratched by sand, dirt and grit that is dragged in from outside if it’s left there for too long. 

The best way to prevent scratching is to regularly sweep or vacuum to remove this dirt and grit from the surface.  Removing this debris will allow your tile surfaces to remain scratch free and keep a newer look for longer. 

Use the Right Products the Right Way

People love ceramic tile because of its durability but if you aren’t using the proper tools to clean it, you can easily diminish this durability overtime. First, don’t rely on a sponge mop which will push dirt and debris into the grout, instead of removing it from the surface. 

Second, don’t go nuts on the chemicals. A simple cleaning solution, following the proper dilution ratios, is all you need to properly clean your tile. Some people think that using higher concentrations of cleaner or leaving it on extra long will help, but it doesn’t. In fact, it can create microscopic cracks and scratches in your tile and grout and give dirt and grime more places to build up. 

Frequent Cleaning

It’s not a secret that high traffic areas, including ceramic surfaces, need to be cleaned regularly. Dry cleaning, such as vacuuming and sweeping should be done multiple times a week, to prevent scratching. 

Depending on the traffic level, your ceramic tile should be washed at least once a week. Using the tools mentioned earlier, regular cleaning will be a breeze and will extend the life off your tile. 

Remove Grout Grime 

Cleaning your grout is just as important as cleaning the tile. A stiff brush and some hot water will usually get the job done. For tougher, set in stains, a cleaning solution may be needed for cleaning. But remember, use the recommended ratios of cleaning solution to water and only let it sit on the tile for the amount recommended on the solution label.  

It isn’t necessary to deep clean your grout every time you clean your tile. The stiff brush will take a toll on your grout lines — we only recommend deep cleaning when it’s clear you need it. 

Seal Your Grout 

Grout is used to seal the space between adjacent tiles and prevent grit and debris from getting lodged in the crevices. It also gives your tile a finished and cohesive look.

Because it is a porous material and often light in color, dirt, grime and liquid substances can soak in and give off a dingy, unclean look. The best way to prevent this from happening is to seal your grout. The expert technicians at SaniGLAZE offer commercial services to transform your tile and grout into a sealed, non-porous surface. This process will improve the look and extend the life of your tile.

Carter Rosenbloom

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