The Power of SaniGLAZE: Before & After

Hugo Saurez - EnduraGLAZE - Advanced Tile Restoration 1 -smaller

Who doesn't love a good transformation? Isn't it oddly satisfying to see something dirty and old transform into something new and beautiful? That's what our expert technicians do every day for a fraction of the cost of renovation.

We have seen some great transformations that we wanted to share.

Excellent Results with EnduraGLAZE

Without replacing this dull and drab flooring, we were able to restore the original shine and add an extra layer of protection with EnduraGLAZE.   

Our EnduraGLAZE process will bring new life to your tile and restore its natural color and original luster.

Drew Griggs - EnduraGLAZE - ACS Cleaning - Misty Grey SaniKOTE & Supershield

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Colorful Transformations with ChromaGLAZE

This dated restroom was given a more modern look when we changed the color of the tile and grout with ChromaGLAZE.

Susan Bechtold - ChromaGLAZE - TriState Tile-Crop-1

Our ChromaGLAZE process will completely transform your old, dingy tile. We are able to change the color of both the tile and grout to create a neat, unified look.  

James Fleet - ChromaGLAZE - SaniGLAZE of San Diego

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Stunning Improvements with SurfaceGLAZE

SurfaceGLAZE improved the durability of this dull tile hallway and restored its original luster and sheen.

This process provides a specialized clear protective coating that shields the entire surface and improves durability. 

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Great Grout with GroutGLAZE

We transformed this dark shower grout into a brighter, more vibrant color, bringing this whole look back to life.

GroutGLAZE restores the grout joints to like-new condition. If desired, the color of the grout can be changed.


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Vast Improvements with VariGLAZE

SaniGLAZE can do more than just floors — we were able to completely change the color and durability of this high traffic staircase with VariGLAZE. 

VariGLAZE is used for surfaces that need a color change and facelift. Because of its strength, we use this process on floors where an extremely durable coating is required.

Jacob Sluis - VariGLAZE & Sani Max C - Midwest Floor Restore (2)

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Hoyt Rosenbloom

About Hoyt Rosenbloom

Hoyt Rosenbloom is the Vice President of Operations at SaniGLAZE International, where he analyzes and improves organizational processes, and works to improve quality, productivity and efficiency. He also helps manage the marketing department and serves on the SaniGLAZE Marketing Advisory Committee. He is one of three Rosenbloom family members currently at SaniGLAZE, and enjoys working alongside his father, CEO, Percy Rosenbloom, and his brother, Carter Rosenbloom.