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Do Tiled Walls Need to be Maintained Differently Than Tiled Floors?

Tile floors typically require frequent maintenance due to the amount of use and abuse they withstand. In areas like.

SaniMAX Products Deliver New Life to Failed Epoxy Floors

Many facilities have turned to epoxy flooring over the years in their search for a smooth, high-performance surface..

Cleaning Tile and Grout in Commercial Kitchens – A Different Approach

Although commercial kitchens receive as much use and abuse as restrooms, their tile and grout surfaces typically.

Choosing a Tile and Grout Restoration Company? Don't Miss These 6 Things

Like most things on the internet, a search for a professional tile and grout restoration company will bring back an.

How to Identify Different Types of Tile and Stone Flooring

Today’s market offers an astonishing array of flooring materials and absolutely none of them are self-cleaning. Because.

How to Know If Tile and Grout Restoration is Necessary

  Out of the extensive array of hard flooring options available today, tile and grout remain one of the best choices in.

The Power of SaniGLAZE: Before & After

Who doesn't love a good transformation? Isn't it oddly satisfying to see something dirty and old transform into.

Five Techniques for Keeping Ceramic Tile Looking New

It’s versatile, it’s durable— it’s ceramic tile.  But after constant wear and tear, keeping ceramic tile looking new.

Restroom Floors Cleanliness Impacts HCAHPS Scores for Healthcare Facilities

    When it comes to restrooms and cleanliness, consumer impressions and appeal are just as important to healthcare.

Keeping Things Clean: Tile and Flooring in Healthcare and Medical Facilities

  Basic floor cleaning practices such as brooms and mops will only get you so far when maintaining the cleanliness of a.