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The Green Benefits of Choosing Tile and Grout Restoration Over Replacement

There are quite a few reasons why restoring tile and grout surfaces is preferable to ripping out and replacing them,.

Planned Tile and Grout Maintenance Programs: How They Help and What to Expect

When facility managers struggle to fit upkeep and repairs into the budget, buying into a tile and grout maintenance.

Understanding the Limits of Custodial Cleaning and How Tile and Grout Professionals Can Help

Tile and grout surfaces, when installed and sealed properly, are fairly low-maintenance – that’s always been a large.

Considerations for Cleaning and Restoring Antique Tile and Grout Surfaces

Examples of tile and grout flooring can be found as far back as 4,000 B.C. in Egypt, and since then, numerous cultures.

When Cleaning Products Stop Working – Troubleshooting Potential Issues

Tile and grout surfaces have been valued for centuries – even millennia – for their dependability, a quality imparted.

Repairing Terrazzo Surfaces to Restore Durability in a High-Traffic, Commercial Setting

Terrazzo, a material commonly used for countertops and partitions, has a unique history of how it originated.  Although.

Avoiding Cross-Contamination Between Commercial Kitchen and Restroom Floors

Kitchens and restrooms in commercial facilities are among the most difficult spaces to clean and maintain. They are.

How Colleges and Universities are Pivoting Amidst Evolving Facility Standards

As a new generation of students emerge with different expectations than previous generations, colleges and universities.

Types of Grout – Beyond the Traditional

The use of tile and grout in construction is an ancient practice that occurred in civilizations dating as far back as.

Why Clean Facilities on Campus Tours Matter for Enrollment Numbers

A campus visit is a make it or break it moment when it comes to turning prospective students into enrolled students..

Do Tiled Walls Need to be Maintained Differently Than Tiled Floors?

Tile floors typically require frequent maintenance due to the amount of use and abuse they withstand. In areas like.

SaniMAX Products Deliver New Life to Failed Epoxy Floors

Many facilities have turned to epoxy flooring over the years in their search for a smooth, high-performance surface..

Cleaning Tile and Grout in Commercial Kitchens – A Different Approach

Although commercial kitchens receive as much use and abuse as restrooms, their tile and grout surfaces typically.

Choosing a Tile and Grout Restoration Company? Don't Miss These 6 Things

Like most things on the internet, a search for a professional tile and grout restoration company will bring back an.

How to Identify Different Types of Tile and Stone Flooring

Today’s market offers an astonishing array of flooring materials and absolutely none of them are self-cleaning. Because.

How to Know If Tile and Grout Restoration is Necessary

  Out of the extensive array of hard flooring options available today, tile and grout remain one of the best choices in.

The Power of SaniGLAZE: Before & After

Who doesn't love a good transformation? Isn't it oddly satisfying to see something dirty and old transform into.

Five Techniques for Keeping Ceramic Tile Looking New

It’s versatile, it’s durable— it’s ceramic tile.  But after constant wear and tear, keeping ceramic tile looking new.

Restroom Floors Cleanliness Impacts HCAHPS Scores for Healthcare Facilities

    When it comes to restrooms and cleanliness, consumer impressions and appeal are just as important to healthcare.

Keeping Things Clean: Tile and Flooring in Healthcare and Medical Facilities

  Basic floor cleaning practices such as brooms and mops will only get you so far when maintaining the cleanliness of a.

The Ugly Truth: School Restroom Impact on Student Health

  Education is the number one priority for our school aged children. When parents hug and kiss their kids goodbye for.

How Decontaminants Can Actually Harm Flooring and Help Bacteria in a Healthcare Setting

  People associate hospitals with stark white halls and the scent of rubbing alcohol an environment thought to be.

Shedding a Light in Dark Places: Viral Complaints of School Cleanliness in the Age of Information

    Schools all over the nation are struggling to find funding for maintenance and renovations. After dealing with.

Healthcare Flooring: Does UV Light Decontamination Work on Grout?

  The use of UV light as a germicidal agent is not a new discovery in the medical arena. Hospitals have been using UV.

Tile Maintenance and Care in High Humidity Environments for Higher Education Facilities

  Today’s students are considering more than just their academics when shopping for colleges. The comfort and appeal of.

Effects of Heavy Decontaminant Usage on Public Hard Surfaces

With the unsanitary restroom conditions schools and healthcare facilities are facing around the country today, they.

The ISSA Clean Standard: Measure Cleanliness Success from Floor to Ceiling

    Hundreds or students each day are forced to use unsanitary and dirty restrooms at schools around the country. To.

More than Clean: A Patient Environment with Healing in Mind

Environmental noise, soothing music, therapy animals, art and light are all factors that can positively impact a.

Caught in a Catch 22: How Both Using and Avoiding Dirty Restrooms Creates Problems for Students and Administrators

  School restrooms are known to be dirty and unsanitary. Because of this, students avoid using them all together, which.

Rating Tile: Why Grading Tile Strength Matters

  In the flooring industry, there are a number of scales to help guide people to their correct flooring choice. The.

Clean Floors are Critical in Healthcare Facilities

  Patients, healthcare staff and hospital visitors all rely on healthcare facilities to put a strong emphasis on.

How Budget Tile Sealers and Glazes Can Increase Cost Instead of Reducing It

  In a commercial setting, sealing tile flooring is a critical part of maintaining a clean, durable surface that lasts..

Restore Your University’s Tile Flooring with Less Downtime and Lower Costs

    As students flee schools for their scheduled downtime, maintenance crews rush in for repairs and renovations. This.

To Seal or Not to Seal Your Tile and Grout

    The average person views tile and grout surfaces as a very durable flooring choice that will require minimal.

Top Five Tile and Grout Myths Dispelled

  Tile and grout have been around for thousands of years, and during that time quite a few myths have sprung up. Myth:.

Beware of Unrealistic Tile Restoration Warranties

    Proper maintenance and cleaning is a vital part to extending the life of your tile and grout surfaces. In addition,.